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Dec 7, 2012 7:30am PST
on naan-n-curry. >> i'm david baker. acting president of the northa market planning coalition and as old and sick as i am, i am here today to see what mr. rehman looks like. i have never heard such hypocracy in all of my life. he has a slum property at 308 turk. it is deplorable. i would say that it is the worst apartment building in the tender loin, it has had absolutely no maintenance and i would invite all of you to take a look at it. and i'm afraid that mr. rehman whether it is naan-n-curry or 308 turk, is part of the problem. so, hope that you will take the over all view into consideration and extending mr. rehman any favors. >> thank you, very much. >> thank you. >> any other public comment? >> seeing, none, public comment is closed. >> so, commissioner, for the discussion, we don't have further discussion, i would entertain a motion. >> i mean, i definitely... >> i don't want to make a motion. i just wanted to just tell you what i would like the motion to contain and then we can talk about it. i would like to entertain the motion that would specifically say that the last meal is s
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
ruth baker, and i want to show a little piece of video. >> [inaudible] >> david, who was not? >> this is the fifth member, an american the lived in [inaudible] he is also a writer. [inaudible] [speaking in native tongue] >> has she talked to the media? >> she never talked to any of them. [inaudible] [laughter] to that is a tough question. [inaudible] >> yes but that never happened. it is too hypothetical. >> guest: lisa helps me find ruth baker. in that interview, i will never forget sitting for several hours in corning her heart out. >> host: she married and divorced barack obama senior, but then she stayed in kenya? >> guest: yes, that's right. she had two children by barack obama senior. she stayed the whole time. she is still very much a part of nairobi in the community and runs a kindergarten there and has done so for several years. >> host: in 1964 to 1973, they were married. how long had she known him before she quit school? >> guest: she didn't quit, like, but she was teaching at that point. it was one of those very quick things, a couple of months, but she didn't kno
Dec 28, 2012 6:00am EST
they stayed together for a while in kenya, we talked to you about ruth baker and i want to show just a little piece of video. >> where is she now? [inaudible] >> is going to come up and have lunch with us. the interview is a little later. spent david, who is that? >> this is the fifth member. lisa, an american who lives in mumbai, who is also a writer. lisa has been instrumental in helping me connect the roots. barack obama seniors third wife is americanized. .. [laughter] >> very interesting. yes. but that will never happen. too hypothetical. >> thank you for giving lisa credit for helping find -- that was very important. i will never forgets sitting in the back of the kindergarten on the lawn for several hours and pouring her heart out. >> host: after she married barack obama she stayed in kenya. >> guest: she married another african and took that name and had two children by barack senior and another by the second husband, she stayed the whole time, she is still very much part of the nairobi community and ran a kindergarten their cause for many years. >> host: 1964-1973 they were married.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)